DC Strings Guest Conductor
Summer Concert Series: July 1st & 2nd, 2017

Conducted 2 DC Strings Orchestra Summer 2017 Concerts

Ahmed Alabaca
Conductor & Composer


Ahmed Alabaca is an American Composer/Conductor/Song-Writer/Pianist. Born and raised in San Bernardino California, he understand the value of handwork and perseverance. Ahmed moved to New York at the age 22 with hopes to expand his musical palette and experience. Over the span of several years he finished his BA in music from Hunter College and scored 3 plays and composed 1 musical. He believes in the transformative power of music, growing up in an inner-city, underserved neighborhood, music was the one thing that gave Ahmed peace and a sense of hope, a true reason to reach for the stars. Now living in Los Angeles, Ahmed has scored several web series, television shows, short films,
and concert music.

Since the world premiere of his piece “Across the Calm Waters of Heaven-A Piece
for Peace” at the 2016 Colour of Music Festival-Ahmed has been commissioned to compose new works for several of the musician from that festival. Ahmed continues to push and challenge himself, seeking new and fun sounds, while holding true to his roots and his love and admiration of music.
Objective: “BE YOUR DREAM”
Being influenced and inspired, while keeping one’s self-expression intact, I believe, is vital to an artist growth and sense of purpose. I am constantly inspired by my colleagues and friends. Many of them are artistic activist, pushing the boundaries of their own voice while shedding light on very serious human issues. Through my friend’s tireless efforts, I’ve adopted this notion that, no matter your situation, you can always help those who are in need. Be it making a small donation at your local goodwill, or through sharing social media posts about the impact of frivolous wars. Doing all of this without taking a strong political stance, is possible. You are not obligated to march (though it is very helpful). Theres
always something we can do, it all starts one step at a time. As for me, I make a point to shine light on specific topics that I feel strongly about-Senseless acts of violence is very troubling to me, along with underserved children and neighborhoods, who are losing their music and art programs. Being a product of a music program for inner-city children, I know that, through music and the arts, anything is possible. As I grow as an artist, I wish to continue that line of inspiring those who are living in dark

Growing up with no positive influences, low self-esteem and are afraid to be their dream. I wish to shine light on those individuals-reassuring them that you are special and can accomplish great things. That fear is your friend, not to shy away from a challenge, that you are capable and stronger than you’ve believed. I identify closely with children from underserved neighborhoods-there were many nights I’d go hungry because there was no food in the house. I’d miss days of school, thus falling behind my fellow students. I remember coming home after performances, and no one asks how it went-No encouragement from my family. But I understood one thing; the power of music, and that if I kept practicing and playing, I’d could go as far as the eye can see. I want to share my story and my
experience with those who are lost, and abandoned. I want to give them a chance, and encourage them to continue to follow their dreams, to Be Their Dream.